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Chronic Pain

This is a community for people with chronic pain and those who are part of the care network. The community has been set up as a safe space for individuals to discuss their personal journeys, how their daily lives have been impacted, the variety of stigmas associated with chronic pain, and various strategies that have helped, or not helped. The symptoms vary by individual and are experienced as a mixture of both physical and psychological presentations. It mustn't be forgotten that while it impacts the individual it can also impact the relationships those individuals are maintaining and developing. It is essential to have a multitude of voices and clinicians will provide their perspectives around the management and treatment options that they provide. A few topics coming are: The Pain Scale, How to make visits to our doctor productive, General Chronic Pain information, Relationships, Brain Injury (TBI), Dystonia, RSD/CRPS, Spasticity, and the stress on your body/mind can also cause pain. Controlling pain with a Pain Pump and the experience of a NeuroStimulator. Alternative pain relief that might help and work our way to to the Pump. Please be respectful when joining this community.