what someone with diabetes mustn't eat

what someone with diabetes mustn't eat? what should he or she need to avoid when working? which drugs would you prescribe for such people?

There is no restriction on what someone with diabetes can or cannot eat. The old saying 'Everything in moderation' also applies here. We should all aim for a healthy lifestyle. A high amount of complex carbohydrates would certainly increase the blood glucose levels. Hence, we should aim to have more protein and fewer carbohydrates on our plate. If you're in a job that requires a lot of physical effort and you're on insulin or on other form of tablets that could lower your blood glucose levels to cause an 'hypo', then you may need to consume more carbs and check your glucose levels more often. Advice on specific diabetes drugs cannot be provided on this platform simply because there is no 'one glove fit all' type of medicine. Seeking advice from your healthcare professional would be recommended as s/he would have your full medical history and would be in a better position to help.